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AIN'T NO LAW IN CALIFORNIA (Charlie Daniels) The Charlie Daniels Band I was hanging in out in L.A. looking for a real cool place to go I struck up a conversation with this dude wearing hip hop clothes He said you talk like you're from Texas let me welcome you to our town An I hope you have a real find day But don't you let me catch you when the sun goes down CHORUS We got scalawags we got queens in drag we got pushers pimps and punks We got crips and bloods we got dykes and studs We've got junkies thieves and drunks This is where the juice got turned aloose and if you ain't caught on yet Ain't no law in California Welcome to the wild wild west He said there's women in this city that are just too low down to crawl And homeboys packing pieces they'll shoot you just to watch you fall You'ld better get on back to Hicksville that's the bast thing you can do There's hustlers hoods and outlaws that'd love to find a country boy like you REPEAT CHORUS


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