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AIN'T THAT LIVING (Alex Harvey) Johnny Darrell - 1969 Make my bed in the soft yellow hay All I want is a place to lay my head There ain't much pain for a man who knows the rain Carries nothing heavy on his shoulders Just the sunshine and some dewdrops Some yellow hay, ain't that livin' Make my clock from a grey dawning sky And a red rooster waking up the morning I'll be up on time with nothing on my mind Wake and find some bacon frying somewhere Work for breakfast, taste the bacon Drink the coffee, ain't that livin' Make my day a girl who ties no strings And adds nothing heavy to my shoulders Warmer than the sun, softer than the dew Who'll wait until the next time I'll be passing Let's her hair down in the yellow hay Ain't that lovin', ain't that livin' (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2018)


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