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AIN'T THAT TOO BAD Chick Endor (m) Eddie Ward (l) 1926 as recorded by Lee Morse & her Blue Grass Boys August 1926 New York also recorded by - Henry Halstead & his Orchestra '27 The Savoy Orpheans '20's Jack Pepper Wise men say there's just one way to heaven, But wise men may be wrong just once in a while, As I'm on my way right now, And I realise somehow That the way I've found is great, that's why I smile! Oh, I'm in love and I'm so glad, He's the sweetest boy I've had, And he loves me, ain't that too bad! I'm so short and he's so tall, He's just made for me, that's all! He's heavenly, ain't that too bad! Thinks that I'm just right In every fight, Told me he was wealthy. What a break For goodness sake, The man's both rich and healthy! No-one knows Where he goes, Every night his dinner grows, Except in me, ain't that too bad! Is it any wonder that I'm all excited? Is it any wonder that I wear a smile? Happy as can be, Take a look at me and see, I've found out what makes my belief worthwhile! (yodelling) Can't you tell and can't you guess? One, two, happiness! He just said yes, ain't that too bad! Every day for a week, I've been hopin' that he'd speak, Today's success, ain't that too bad! I just can't wait till we get married, Gee, for weeks and weeks I've planned it! Anything should happen now, I don't think I could stand it! He said yes, why of course, After I get my divorce! That's apple sauce, ain't that too bad! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2013)


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