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AIN'T TOO GOOD Album : Against The Grain Rory Gallagher - 1975 Well, it ain't too good, The way you treat your man, It's less than good, It sure ain't kind, It's your mistake, You'll see in time, When I'm gone, when I'm gone. Well, it's been so long, Since I felt that glow, The flame was bright, But it's burning low, I should be gone, But I'm slow to go, Serves me right, serves me..... It doesn't seem clear, What happens from here and now, You've called the tune, but maybe soon, Someone must pay for the piper. Well, it ain't too late, To change your mind, For it's time you knew, Just where I stand, Well, let me know, 'Cause I got plans, From now on, from now on, from now on.


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