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AIN'T WE GOT FUN? (Richard A. Whiting / Gus Kahn / Ray Egan) Van & Schenck - 1921 Benson Orchestra Of Chicago (Instr.) - 1921 Billy Jones - 1922 Hal Le Roy (feat. in the film "Wash Your Step") 1936 Lady Killer's Quartet (feat. in the film "It All Came True") - 1940 Virginia Gilmore (feat. in the film "Pride Of The Yankees") - 1942 Doris Day (feat. in the film "I'll See You In My Dreams") - 1951 Gordon MacRae & Doris Day (feat in the film "By The Light Of The Silvery Moon") - 1953 Alma Cogan - 1958 Peggy Lee - 1959 Bob Thompson - 1960 Debbie Reynolds - 1975 Charleston City All Stars (feat. in the film "Zelig") - 1983 Rebecca Kilgore - 1999 Also recorded by: Chet Atkins; Rosemary Clooney; Bing Crosby; Jill Corey; Jessica Molaskey; Reneé Olstead; Bill Taylor; Bob Hope; Don Swan; Chiara Schoras; Ian Whitcomb's Bungalow Boys; Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards; Al Jolson; Dick Van Dyke; Les Elgart; Jack Kerouac; Gordon MacRae; Mitch Miller; Stephanie Pope; South Shore Concert Band; Rex Stewart; Maxine Sullivan; Margaret Whiting: ....... and others. Bill collectors gather 'round and rather Haunt the cottage next door Men the grocer and butcher sent Men who call for the rent But within a happy chappy And his bride of only a year Seem to be so cheerful, here's an earful Of the chatter you hear Ev'ry morning, ev'ry evening Ain't we got fun? Not much money, Oh, but honey Ain't we got fun? The rent's unpaid dear We haven't a bus But smiles were made dear For people like us In the winter in the Summer Don't we have fun Times are bum and getting bummer Still we have fun There's nothing surer The rich get rich and the poor get children In the meantime, in between time Ain't we got fun? Just to make their trouble nearly double Something happened last night To their chimney a gray bird came Mister Stork is his name And I'll bet two pins, a pair of twins Just happened in with the bird Still they're very gay and merry Just at dawning I heard Ev'ry morning, ev'ry evening Don't we have fun Twins and cares, dear, come in pairs, dear Don't we have fun We've only started As mommer and pop Are we downhearted I'll say that we're not Landlords mad and getting madder Ain't we got fun? Times are so bad and getting badder Still we have fun There's nothing surer The rich get rich and the poor get laid off In the meantime, in between time Ain't we got fun? When the man who sold 'em carpets told 'em He would take them away They said, "Wonderful, here's our chance Take them up and we'll dance" And when burglars came and robbed them Taking all their silver, they say Hubby yelled, "We're famous, for they'll name us In the pepers today Night or daytime, it's all playtime Ain't we got fun? Hot or cold days, any old days Ain't we got fun If Wifey wishes To go to a play Don't wash the dishes Just throw them away Streetcar seats are awful narrow Ain't we got fun? They won't smash up our Pierce Arrow We ain't got none They've cut my wages But my income tax will be so much smaller When I'm laid off, I'll be paid off Ain't we got fun?


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