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AIR CONDITIONER SONG (Jack Clement) Bobby Bare - 1967 Where the gentle summer breezes blow (SPOKEN: I've lived in Kansas City all of my life And I guess you could say I've done pretty well 'Cause we live in a modern, well insulated house in the suburbs With storm windows central heatin' and air-conditionin' We got plenty of privacy, the neighbours don't bother us and we don't bother them But you take that air-conditioner for instance That's a wonderful invention and I wouldn't take anything for it But you know sometimes I get to thinkin' I'd just like to open all of the windows and holler at somebody Or feel an honest-to-goodness breeze again Or even hear a train whistle Or hear those two girls in Newport Arkansas singin' You Are My Sunshine When I was a kid I used to visit my grandparents every summer in Newport And Newport's a little town down on the White River And they lived in the sort of yellow framed house down close to the levee And they got awful hot there during the day But at night the breeze would blow in from the river and it sure felt good I slept right next to the window and on some nights when the air was just right I could hear sounds driftin' in from all parts of that little town Like the train pullin' into the depot ever night and always the chorus of crickets But crickets, that's a sound you don't even hear after you get used to it But it's pleasant, sorta like background music But the sound I remember most was You Are My Sunshine I don't know exactly where it came from But I think it must have been the house beyond the vacant lot on the other corner But almost every night I would hear those two girls singin' And they sure could sing pretty They sang other songs, but that's the one I remember most And I've often wondered who they were and whatever happened to 'em I think they must have been very pretty and had black hair.....) Oh, the sound of the thing is not a ring It's more like a pleasant purr And the only sound I hear at night Is the sound of my purring air-conditioner The air is pure and dehumidified Thermostatically controlled Now I have no desire to perspire And that's how progress goes But the sound of their singing thrilled me As distantly, but clearly it rang Though I never saw their faces And never knew their names And the gentle breeze brought sweet dreams Of sweethearts that I never saw Who sang You Are My Sunshine In Newport, Arkansas (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2011)


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