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ALABAMA BOUND (Jackson / Williams) as recorded by Andy Kirk & his Orchestra (vocal - Bea Booze) January 1946 I'm Alabama bound, I'm Alabama bound, So as the train pulls out of town, I'm Alabama bound. I'm gonna leave this town, I'm gonna leave this town, I'm tired of your fussin' and fighting And doggin' me around. Glad to leave you brother, 'Cause you let your baby down! Don't you leave me here, Don't you leave me here, But if you do cut out, sweet pops, Leave a dime for beer! Oh the rooster crows And the hen look round, So if you want me to love you, You gotta run me down! (scat) Oh the boat's up the river And it won't come down, But when it leaves the dock, baby, I'm Alabama bound. I'm Alabama, I'm Alabama bound, My man don't want me, he have to put me down, I'm on my way to Alabama, here I come! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - April 2014) ********************** ALABAMA BOUND Leadbelly I'm Alabama bound I'm Alabama bound And if the train don't stop and turn around I'm Alabama bound Oh, don't you leave me here Oh, don't you leave me here But if you must go anyhow Just leave a dime for beer Oh don't you be like me Oh don't you be like me Drink your good sweet cherry wine And let that whiskey be Well your hair don't curve And your eyes ain't blue Well if you don't want me, Polly Ann Well I don't want you


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