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A LADY LOVES From the film "I Love Melvin" (1953) (Josef Myrow / Mack Gordon) Debbie Reynolds & Male Chorus - 1953 A lady loves expensive clothes and pretty jewels and furs and french chapeaus (In other words, a lady is materialistic.) she loves her lingerie in black it suits her zodiac (Stupid enough to believe in astrology, AND colour coordinate to it, too) Loves a penthouse where she'll be content to stay (alone, looks like) finds little gifts on her breakfast tray (or money on the dresser) but now and then pack and sail away for a simple Riveria holiday (one way trip) a lady loves beaucoup l'amour but first of all she loves to be secure (Jails are secure) and she adores the subtle phrase that it's the man who pays (A lady's cheap, too) yet there is one vital thought she will place above all the things I mention of that most of all a lady loves to love (Thank God. For love, a woman will give up all of the above expensive furs, penthouse, etc.) (bridge) Male chorus: A lady loves her phobias She has complexities she will insist (The first serious thing mentioned in this song) Lady: It gives her things to talk about with her psychiatrist (at $100 an hour, too- and guess who pays? See above.) Male Chorus: Incidentally when she drops her glove Gentlemen know what she's thinking of (Yes: "Damn, I dropped my glove!) Lady: That most of all a lady loves to love Male Chorus: And what is more a lady loves to live Lady: And what is more lady lives to love (Nice word play. It's a variation on the old "convert one word to another in x number of moves, changing one letter at a time. Look, they converted "love" to "live" in just one move!)


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