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ALI BABA Ernesto Lecuona, Chamfleury, Tabet, Varna, Cab as rec by Sam Browne w Ambrose and His Orch (1935) Hurry up and run for your lives Guard your home, your children, your wives So unlock your doors When you hear the roars Saying Ali Baba arrives With his thieves he's riding to town Don't look out and don't make a sound Though he may not slay you, He'll rob and play you This daring thief of renown Ali Baba Ali Baba He'll rob and plunder He'll tear asunder Whatever stands in his way Ali Baba Ali Baba If you want saving You'll find a haven Or he will tear out your heart Ali Baba Ali Baba Although they cheer him, His men all fear him He'll steal whatever he can Ali Baba Ali Baba His forty thugs are A lot of mugs And Ali's a dangerous man Ali Baba Ali Baba (Transcribed by jonjamg - August 2012)


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