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ALICE IN WONDERLAND (Spike Milligan / Alan Clare / Arr. Gordon Langford) King's Singers Alice in Wonderland would understand A little Queen of Hearts like you. But in my book it said: Off with his head! And that's exactly what you'd do. Indeed, I lost my head completely when On the river one summer's day All in the golden afternoon We glided far away. Oh, Alice, how I loved you. The fairy cakes you made, the lemonade, The funny stories that I told: How Tweedle-Dum and Dee could not agree, And Father William who was very old, Mad Hatter on a spree, Doormouse dunked in the tea. All of that day to me was gold. We let the silent sand run though our hands, The setting sun became a glow, I recall, down the long years between. Where did my Queen of Hearts go? Alice in Wonderland, Where are you now, my love? (Contributed by PDQMAN2 - July 2005)


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