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A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT From the film "Angel And The Badman" (1947) (Kim Gannon / Walter Kent) Joan Barton (Film Soundtrack) - 1947 Pauline Reese - 2002 There's something in your eyes a little bit diff'rent Something that appeals to me I love the way they change from angel to devil Always full of mystery There's something in your smile a little bit diff'rent Something I've been looking for If I could just be sure that you're on the level I would never ask for more I got a funny little feelin' The first time we met My heart nearly hit the ceilin' And it hasn't come down yet There's something in your kiss a little bit diff'rent Something that I never knew In ev'ry way you're just a little bit diff'rent That's why I love you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2007) (Contributed by - August 2007)


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