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ALL ALONE IN CALIFORNIA Dan Hill He caught her signal As she strolled in the bar Amidst all the lonely people Out to prove they're popular And he came upon her slowly Not sure of what to say Trying to sound clever - but words got in the way Conversation wandered - Though their eyes seldom met They both knew what they were after And they played it step by step And his mind was getting foggy The drinks were coming fast Momentary friendship - with no future and no past Chorus: All alone in California Looking for some fun His eyes were feeling heaving He kind of wished that he could run The colours started spinning As she kissed away his doubts The night was just beginning As his body began to meltů She watched the sunrise While he slept in dreams unknown And she wondered what his name was Though she barely knew her own And she slowly started crying Though she wasn't white sure why Trying to fight an emptiness That haunted her insides. Repeat Chorus


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