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ALL ALONE MONDAY >From the Broadway Musical "The Ramblers" (1926) (Burt Kalmar / Harry Ruby) Marie Saxon & Jack Whiting (Broadway Production) - 1926 Nat Shilkret & His Orch. (vocal: Johnny Marvin) - 1926 Bob Haring & The Colonial Club Orch. (vocal: Franklyn Bauer) - 1926 June Clyde & Hugh Trevor (feat. in the film "The Cuckoos") - 1930 Gale Robbins (feat. in the film "Three Little Words") - 1950 I keep a book in which I've got down Each daily endeavour I jot down whatever I do Some people ridicule a diary But I really need it I'm going to read it to you All alone Monday, singing the blues All alone Tuesday, reading the news Staring and blinking, sitting there thinking, all alone On the shelf Wednesday, till the dawn comes By myself Thursday, twirling my thumbs Friday is my day, so I spend Friday all alone On Saturday I dread the coming of Sunday Monday, the week starts anew I'm certain I could endure the week to the end And I am sure the days that I spend Wouldn't be lonely if I were only all alone with you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2009)


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