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ALL FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE (Hart / Blight) as recorded by Nan Blackstone 1931 Have you ever thought what love can do to you? It makes you wanna be so brave, And yet it gets you like a slave! Think of all the silly things that lovers do; They risk an awful lot, In fact all they've got, When they bill and coo! Lovers like to spoon Underneath the moon, Any time that they were told That they may catch their death of cold, All for the sake of love! Lovers like to woo In a birch canoe; Supposin' that that boat goes down, There's a chance they both may drown, All for the sake of love! I can't find romance When I'm at a dance, My feet are always aching so! Can't look in his eyes, Tell him lovely lies When he's standing on my toe! Why do lovers go To the movie show, I could never understand Why they pay five and nine to hold their hands, And all for the sake of love! Men get on their knees, They cross the seven seas, Just to show their love is true! Nothing that they wouldn't do, All for the sake of love! They will do or die, Climb the mountains high, Swim the shark-infested seas; They'll even learn to speak Chinese, All for the sake of love! Prehistoric braves Sat outside their caves, While their wifey cooks the grub. If somebody came And tried to steal their dame, They smashed him with a big stone club! Well, it's the same today, You have got to pay, But in a different way of course! You get cited in divorce, And all for the sake of love! Now I can't see the sense, Leaning on a fence, Waiting for a girl to yield. I would much prefer Making up to her, Sitting in a chesterfield! Tell me, where's the lark Lovin' in the dark, Policemen hangin' on your tail? You may get a month in jail, All for the sake of love! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2018)


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