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ALL GOING BACK George Formby Now it’s funny where some women live who sing upon the stage They live in places where they’ve never been They’ll rave about the roses that are growing round the door Of that, the dear old home they’ve never seen. They’ve lived in Arizona, they’ve lived in Alabam Last year they all lived down in Texas way. It must be quite a job to move the dear old home about But just the same this year you’ll hear them say They’re all going back, they’re all going back They’re all going back to Tennessee – and Dixie They’ve all got mothers there and fathers by the score They’ve moved the poor old folk about until their feet are sore All of them say when they get back they’ll stay What an overcrowded country it will be But just one thing worries me – When they all go back to Tennessee There’ll be no one left in Wigan but me.


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