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ALLIGATOR MAN (Floyd Chance / Jimmy C. Newman) Dave Dudley Also recorded by: Alex Chilton; The Greenbriar Boys; Greg Kihn; Jimmy C. Newman; The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band; Stoneground. Mosquitos buzzin' round my head Spanish moss for my bed I sail them sea dried land cause I'm an alligator man I hunt the gator all night long sell his hidin' then I'm gone I pick all the bells I can they love the alligator man This country is my home from this place I'll never roam I'm the leader of the clan I'm the alligator man When I bring my hides to town all the people gather round They just want to shake the hand of the top gator man [ guitar ] Some people search this world for fame but fightin' gators is my game See the scars on my hand I'm the alligator man Top gator man until I die if I marry by and by A pretty belle from the clan I'll still be top gator man This country is my home... I'm the alligator man I'm the alligator man I'm the alligator man


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