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ALLIGATOR WINE (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller) Screamin' Jay Hawkins - 1956 Johnny Thunders & Patti Palladin - 1988 Mad Daddies - 1989 Omar & the Howlers - 1999 AAH! AAAH!! HA HA HA! Take the blood out of an alligator, yeah Take the left eye of a fish, yeah Take the skin off of a frog, yeah Yeah, and mix it up in a dish Add a cup of grease swamp water And then countin' one to nine Spit over your left shoulder And you got alligator wine Alligator wine - YEHE HUH UH Your porcupine Is gonna make you mine, oh yeah Yeah, is gonna make you mine It'll make your head bald, babe I say it make your toes freeze It'll turn your blood into steam - ASHHH! It'll make you cough and sneeze You gotta scream UHH like an eagle You gonna roar like a mountain lion When you get finished drinking Good old, yeah, alligator wine Alligator wine Your porcupine Is gonna make you mine AH HUH HUH Meet at the stroke of midnight By the swamp down in the wood I'm gonna make you love me babe Like you never thought you could You gonna break my magic potion And your blood [...] eye is gonna shine You gonna be scared forever Too much alligator wine Alligator wine WHOAA - alligator wine Yeah yeh, is gonna make you mine HUH HUH AAH Alligator, alligator wine HUH AAH


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