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ALL I NEED The Temptations (Won't you believe, my darlin?) Oh this heart of mine carries a heavy load When I think about how I've hurt you so After you've been, been so good to me I've been unfaithful, darlin', I've caused you misery I feel the guilt, how it tortures me & only you, my darlin', oh can set me free CHORUS: & darlin', all, all I need is just to hear you say You'll forgive me, forgive me baby All, all I need, to have you touch my hand Say you'll understand A moment of weakness, darlin', caused me to stray Your trust in me, dear, I threw away When I look, look into your eyes I can see the hurt, baby, that you feel inside Although I hurt you, baby, you never once complained It makes me feel that much more ashamed Tears of guilt, tears of guilt run down my face Tears that only you, baby, only you can erase (chorus) (Won't you believe, my darlin'?) I know I made a big mistake When all your love, darlin', yes I did forsake It's on my mind, it's in my heart I get the feelin' tearin' me apart Every step I make, every breath I take I'll make it up to you, I'll make it up to you Undo the wrong I've done, undo the wrong I've done I've been unfaithful, I know it's true But I'll make it up to you (repeat chorus & fade)


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