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ALL IN FUN (Jerome Kern (m) / Oscar Hammerstein (l) ) Sung by Margaret Whiting 1960 < Margaret Whiting Sings The Jerome Kern Songbook > Also sung by: Tony Bennett 2001 < The Art Of Romance > Jeri Southern Helen Forrest & Artie Shaw and His Orchestra David Allen Richard Himber Meredith d'Ambrosio Randy Lyght And others... We are seen around New York El Morocco and the Stork And the other stay-up-late cafés I am on the town with you these days. That's the way it stands. Just a fellow and a girl We have had a little whirl And our feet have left the ground a bit We've played around a bit That's the way it stands. For we are strictly good time charlies Who like to drink and dance around And maybe kick romance around And that's the way it stands. All in fun This thing is all in fun When all is said and done How far can it go? Some cocktails, some orchids A show or two A line in a column That links me with you. Just for laughs I'm with you night and day And so the dopes all say That I'm that way 'bout you. Well, here's the laugh And when I tell you This will kill you What they say is true. NOTES: Margaret Whiting was a popular 1940s/50s/60s pop, jazz, C & W singer and TV personality born in Detroit USA. She had a host of recordings and continued to entertain until the 1990s. This song/lyric formed part of the soundtrack for the 1939 Broadway musical < Very Warm For May > . The musical was adapted from the book of the same name written by Oscar Hammerstein II. The musical was also very loosely adapted in 1944 to the film < Broadway Rhythm > . The most eminently recognizable song which appeared in both was All The Things You Are < Very Warm For May > 1939 Produced by Vincente Minelli Leads (Opening Night) June Allyson / Dolores Anderson / Eve Arden / Vera-Ellen In a strange turn of events, during the 1980s, the original cast performance which had heretofore been lost since 1939, was found and reassembled into an LP Original Broadway Cast Recording. (Transcribed by David Story - March 2014)


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