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ALL IN MY MIND (Fred Johnson / Maxine Brown / Leroy Kirkland) Maxine Brown - 1961 Also recorded by: Chuck Jackson; The Essex. I think that you don't care And it's more than I can bear I dont know, baby Maybe its all in my mind, all in my mind I know that I've been true But honey, sweetie baby what about you? I don't know, baby Maybe it's all in my mind We've been going steady so long I'd never dream you would ever do me wrong I knew I was yours and I thought you were mine And that every little thing was so fine Whoa, darling, I'd hate to see Someone else with you other than me I dont know baby Maybe its all in my mind All in mind, oh, uum, uum Oh yes, its all in my mind I dont mean to think so mean and evil, baby Please tell me, tell me It's all in my mind


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