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ALL NEW PEOPLE (Iain Matthews / Julian Dawson) Iain Matthews A hundred years from now - all new people When I was young my sky was wide And not a lot went on inside A different drum and a place to hide Was all I wanted Now when I look at what I've done At who I was how far I've come I can't unlock (undo) what I've begun And I'm still haunted Life she said's a piece of cake It's just a game of give and take That's all it is for heaven's sake Don't complicate it You know what I think's wrong with you And this is just my point of view You want your cake and eat it too And don't you hate it One hundred years from now - all new people One hundred years from now - all new people I left my love a goodbye note See you later's all I wrote And said a prayer she'd stay afloat With bridges burning Made a new life for myself And hoped she'd do the same as well Then jumped back on the carousel I'll keep on turning For about as far as the eye can see My life stretched out in back of me Memories came shooting from it Like the fiery tail of Halley's comet In the year 2062 I'll be long gone and so will you Across the southern hemisphere When Halley's comet reappears again


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