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ALL NIGHT LONG (written by Peter Frampton / M. Gallagher) Roger McGuinn Trees falling leaves come alive watch them glide Eyes come to life when you smile for awhile Tables keep turning now the full moon has been seen know what I mean It would only take me night long it would take me all night long I got to show baby all night long I've seen you in the papers I hear you play at pool You know you've got me snookered if we play by your rules Maybe you can't see the way to be sure anymore I can't help feeling like closing the door Images are fading and the thought of you has gone baby it's wrong Cause all I need is all night long it would only take me all night long Show you how I feel all night long They say you read me like a book then make the book a film You could write the screenplay I can't wait till then I wish I knew what I could do it feels like something's over due Communications broken down Still got me snookered when you wear your crown All night long It would only take me all night long Show you how I feel all night long All night long repeat and fade


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