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ALL OF A SUDDEN IT STRUCK ME (George Formby Sr) George Formby Sr recorded 1915 (banter) Last week to a concert I chanced to go, They asked me to sing but I answered, "No!" I said, "I'm a conjuror, my name it is Cleggs, I'll show you a trick if you'll lend me some eggs!" Then all of a sudden it struck me, I wished I'd 'ave said I could sing! (banter0 I shared me bed with a pal, you see, That's when he worked in the drapery. He dreamt he was serving one night, and so I thought he was tearing up calico. Then all of a sudden it struck me, I found he was tearin' me shirt! (banter) I went to the doctor's because I was ill, He gave me some medicine, also a pill. "Of course, you've been drinkin'!", he gave a sigh, "If you drink any more of that whiskey you'll die!" Then all of a sudden it struck me, I'll not go to 'im anymore! (banter) (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2017)


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