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ALL POSHED UP WITH MY DAISIES IN MY HAND Hargreaves Charlie Higgins rec April 1933 When the lady called Godiva rode upon a white horse grand, I was standin' at the corner with me daisies in me 'and! I always take 'em with me everywhere because I'm sure If ever I get tempted they will always keep me pure! So I'm all poshed up with me daisies in me 'and, London wouldn't be Completed without me; There's Nelson on his momument, and further down The Strand, You'll find me in a dustbin with me daisies in me 'and! l poshed up with me dai I'm not narrow minded and I never made a fuss When my wife brought a young man friend to come and live with us. He makes himself at home, he's like one of our family; Each evening in the fields we go, the wife and 'im and me. All poshed up with me daisies in me 'and, We sit upon the grass Until it's dark, and then alas, The wife lays in his arms and off they go to slumberland, And I keep shushing cows off with me daisies in me 'and! They say we come from monkeys, and I quite believe it's true, 'Cause monkeys have their love affairs, the same as me and you. I often go round to the zoo to see 'em at their play; They feel at home when I'm there so I went last Saturday. All poshed up with me daisies in me 'and, One big chimpanzee Started makin' eyes at me. Then one threw me some monkey nuts and thought the fun was grand, And another threw some water on the daisies in me 'and! I went to see a boxin' show, I'd not seen one for years, The crowd had broken noses, some had knobs upon their ears. A champion jumped into the ring, the crowd began to cheer, He said, "I want to practice, will somebody come up here?". All poshed up with me daisies in me 'and, They pushed me in the ring And that giant made a swing! I heard somebody shout before the blow had time to land, "No flowers by request, he's got his daisies in his 'and!". When the roll is called up yonder, It's a cert I'll never reach that happy land! But Charley Peace and Crippen Sure to think there's been a trippin', When they see me stand amongst 'em with me daisies in me 'and! (Contributed by Peter Akers - February 2009)


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