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ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS DANCE Billy Joel Oh, baby you don't get turned on by the radio Oh, baby you got nothin' to play on your stereo "Why don't the Beatles get back together? Why don't nobody sing of romance? Oh, baby, all you wanna do is dance Oh, baby I think you are lost in the seventies Oh, baby the music she ain't what she used to be You don't understand what they're saying Givin' it ev'ry chance Oh, baby, all you wanna do is dance Well, you wish you were back in the good old days When tomatoes were cheaper And you never heard the words of your favorite songs Through a three inch speaker And you never messed around with dangerous drugs You were all getting sick on beer And you didn't get any unless you went steady and made out for a year You can hide away honey in your rock 'n' roll dreams An' you can stand by your blue suede shoes But the party is over and I'm getting tired of waiting for you Oh, baby where are the oldies they used to play Oh, baby you want to crawl back into yesterday You don't want to deal with the future You don't want to make any plans Oh, baby, all you wanna do is dance Oh, baby, all you wanna do is dance


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