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ALMOST BLUE (Elvis Costello) Elvis Costello Also recorded by: Chet Baker; Bugskull; Lu Campbell; Maye Cavallaro; Cavity; Fay Claassen; Kate Dimbleby; Everything But the Girl; Philip Harper; Marc Jordan; Diana Krall; Elissa Lala; Daniel Lapp; Jennifer Leigh; Jeanette Lindström; Marian McPartland; Elizabeth McQueen; Mike Melillo; The Reputation; The Ritz; Roswell Rudd; Little Jimmy Scott; Kendra Shank; Janine Wilson. Almost blue Almost doing things we used to do There's a girl here and she's almost you Almost all the things that your eyes once promised I see in hers too Now your eyes are red from crying Almost blue Flirting with this disaster became me It named me as the fool who only aimed to be Almost blue It's almost touching it will almost do There's a part of me that's always true...always Not all good things come to an end now it is only a chosen few I've seen such an unhappy couple Almost me Almost you Almost blue


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