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ALMOST LIKE BEING WITH YOU (Bonnie Guitar) Bonnie Guitar - 1968 I've locked the door and the lights are down low And the record that's playing is slow I'm in a dress of deep blue I wore the one you'd want me to And it's almost like being with you I bought champagne, your very favorite blend Long stemed roses, the kind you used to send With candles and a tablecloth of blue It's almost like being with you The room's a copy of the place we used to be Filled to the top with your memories you see With this decor tonight our past I'll live anew When it's over there'll be no more you One thing more while I pour the champagne It's too late, I won't see you again Someone who loves me true is standing by Tonight we're toasting your memory goodbye (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2010)


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