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ALMOST LUCY Al Stewart Lucy works a different club every day And 'tho she puts her mind to it Her heart is never in it She stays around just long enough to get paid She won't pass the time with you She can't stay a minute And all these changing faces never bothered her at all They just existed like a back-drop or a pattern on the wall Lucy looks like someone who is waiting for a call She knows he'll come, but noone else can hear at all Lucy finds the dressing room and the bar Hangs her clothes up, hopes tonight The contract won't be broken Well, they kick you round so much when you're not a star Make you play all night just for a pittance or a token But all these imperfections never bothered her at all She says it sharpens your perception when your back's against the wall There's something that enables her to rise above it all To shrug it off, just when it seems to go too far chorus: Hey, Hey, Hey, I think you almost, feel the pain comin' on inside Hey, Hey, hey, I think you almost, feel it now and you don't why You don't know why ooh The last time that I saw her she had given up the chase Moved away to California, got a suntan on her face She said that life was just another time another space It's over now, she learned a lot, it's not a waste CHORUS CHORUS


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