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ALONE WITH MY DREAMS (Harry Archer (m) / Gus Kahn (l) ) As sung by Elliott Shaw with the Nat Shilkret Orchestra 1930 (Introductory bridge 1.25 minutes) Sweetheart don't leave me Alone with my dreams Dreaming just makes me Grow fonder it seems. I've told my story To each star that beams Sweetheart don't leave Alone with my dreams. (bridge to end) Notes: This work was a foxtrot favourite during the Roaring Twenties. Nat Shilkret, an American from New York City was a notable composer, pianist and conductor as well as a successful business man. During his career, he hosted a number of high profile singers...Henry Burr / Gene Austin / Frank Luther / Frank Munn and a variety of others. Shilkret's orchestra specialized in foxtrots, which were originally developed during the 1910s but through the 20s and 30s became the rage and eventually a standard to this day. The song writing team of Archer and Kahn wrote a number of very popular and recognizable hits such as 'You're The Sweetest Girl This Side Of Heaven', 'Where The Golden Daffodils Grow' and 'So Sympathetic'. Gus Kahn, who had a prodigious output of work, teamed with many composers during his career. He had a number of Oscar nominations for Best Song. Such as FLYING DOWN TO RIO or Best Score ONE NIGHT OF LOVE (Transcribed by David Story June 2014)


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