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A LOVE SO FINE (G. Kerr / S. Barnes) The Chiffons Oh yes, he's the darling,and I'm so glad that he'll be mine Yesterday he said he wants me,to share, a love so fine (a love so fine) When he smiled,for me only, and his kisses are so divine From now on,I won't be lonely,cause we're sharing A love so fine (a love so fine) All the girls are jealous of him,that's not really hard to see, (1) They would never try to love him, his love belongs to me instrumental repeat (2) Our love, will last forever, and forever's a long,long,time And I know, no one will ever,ever break up A love so fine, (a love so fine) Oh yeah (a love so fine) Yeah yeah (a love so fine) Oh yeah (a love so fine)


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