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ALVAREZ KELLY Theme song from the film "Alvarez Kelly" (1966) (Johnny Green / Johnny Mercer) The Brothers Four (Film Soundtrack) - 1966 Alvarez Kelly rode over the rise With a heart full of blarney and a gleam in his eyes And wherever he stopped the gals kept droppin' like flies Till a lady from Richmond cut him down to size War is hell without a doubt, but Kelly never found that out Or if'n he did he seldom gave a damn For when he met a pretty girl in Texas, Tennessee or Alabam He'd kiss 'em and wink and whisper "Thankya Ma'am" Alvarez Kelly, the Irish Señor Kept pursuin' his hobbies while pursuin' the War Give him rum in a glass and some fair lass to adore And he couldn't care less what they were fighting for Alvarez Kelly, I'll say it once more (say it once more) Alvarez Kelly the aye-aye-aye Irish Señor (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2009) (Contributed by - January 2009)


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