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A MISSION IN LIFE (Stan Ridgway) Stan Ridgway Sue, turn out the lights It's time to close up??we're through Gotta clear it out So let's drink up, it's past two Girl, don't push 'em out They can walk out on their own How many times I gotta tell you, Bob, You gotta drink up and go home I don't run a business Just to talk to you all day Clear out the backroom, Sue Stack up the chairs Who broke this glass? No one really cares Go take the trash out And vacuum the stairs What do I Pay you for? And don't forget to sweep up The glass off the floor Once I had plans To fix up this place A room where you could go to And meet people with taste They'd talk and they'd laugh And forget the rat race And I'd be just like one of those guys With the moustache and face Hey, help me pick up this case Hey, I'm really sorry I blew up then I've had no sleep I've been up all night with my wife and brother-in-law You know, Pete At times, this world can seem Just like a cold icy ball But don't let that discourage you 'Cause you're young??take that call And if it's my wife Just try and stall I was just wondering How you get home Do you have a boyfriend? Or do you live alone? I'm going your way If you're going mine No, I feel fine But before you go Let me just pass on one thing Chorus: You've got a mission in life To hold out your hand To help the other guy out Help your fellow man That's why I own this bar They're thirsty outside I give 'em oceans to drink Then they drown in the tide repeat once, then repeat They just drown in the tide four times


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