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AMNESIA Pousette-Dart Band When you hit me on the head with your beer bottle Something in my chemistry changed And though I've already decided to forgive you My friends think I'm permenetly deranged. When I wake up try to put these things together Of all the lovin' times that we did have I get static in my ears and a hazy picture And I hear your voice inside begin to laugh. Chorus I hope that it's only amnesia Believe me I'm sick but not insane Yeah,I hope that it's only amnesia My friends they don't look at me the same. Sometimes I feel o.k. but when I talk I stutter I can't remember back a few minutes ago The doctors all come up with the same answer Boy if I'm that far gone there's no where else to go. Chorus Chorus Chorus (Transcribed by Machiel Bain - October 2002)


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