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AN AWFUL THING TO WASTE (Rick Davies) Supertramp You say that you could do with a break Had about all you can take You need to find somewhere you can run to Somewhere a long way from here Somewhere where the skies are all clear Somewhere you can think all your thoughts through It took a long time to make me understand You gotta meet life and shake it by the hand You gotta use your emotion You talk a nice line to put your mind at ease You want to sit back and count your memories But that's no solution I don't want to harp about it But what you gonna do about it? Look at how you're set in your ways You used to be so willing to face Any kind of problem before you Life is not as long as you think Open up your mind and you'll see Don't destroy yourself I implore you You've got a fine wife, a perfect family You had it all planned to live so carefully But where does it get you They say the mind is an awful thing to waste And that's a fact that you must come to face What more can I tell you? I don't want to harp about it But what you gonna do about it? You have everything that you need You only have to try to succeed And realize it's all waiting for you Living life this way is a bust If you have to suffer you must Don't you know we want to applaud you


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