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ANIMAL CRACKERS Steven Tyler Chorus: Don't Wanna Close My Eyes I Don't Wanna Fall Asleep 'Coz I'd Miss You Baby And I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing Know What I was Thinkin' (What?) I, I Really Don't Think That the Animal Crracker Qualifies as a Cracker (Wyh?) Well, 'Cause it's Sweet Which is an in Suggest Cookie And When You Put a Cheese on Something It's Sorta the Finer Characteristic Of What Makes a Cracker Why I thought of That, I Just (Baby, You Have Such Sweet Fill-up Talk) Ya Got Like a Little Animal Cracker Discovery Channel Thing Watch the gazelle as He Grazes Through the Open Plains Now Look, as the Cheetah approaches, Watch as He Stalks His Prey Now the Gazell is a Little Spooked He Could Head North To the 'Manless Peaks Above' Or South The Gazelle Now Faces Mans Most Paralous Question North or South Way Down Tune in Next Week (Baby, do You Think It's Possible That Anyone Else in This World Is Doing This Very Same Thing At This Very Same Moment?) I Hope so, Otherwise What the Hell are We Trying to Say? Chorus


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