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ANITA'S BLUES Anita O'Day Anita O'Day w Bud Lavin Monty Budwig & John Poole rec June 28th 1954 Los Angeles It started rainin' baby, I'm blue as I can be, It started rainin' baby and I'm blue as I can be, 'Cause every time it rains, I know what you mean to me, baby! I cried last night, cried the night before, I cried last night and I cried the night before, I'm gonna change my way of livin', then I won't cry any more! Logical, logical! You know I'm mad about you, stand for all your jive, Oh when you say you love another, and you come to me for five, Man, that ain't right, that ain't right you know, oh! I'm always gonna love you baby, but not before my dough! Cynical, cynical! (scat) Singin' the blues, the blyes. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2011)


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