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ANNABELLA Rupert Holmes I just want to wake your heart but you go to sleep and you break my heart: Annabella ... where will you be, who do you see, when you dream at night? Could it be the other guy who had more than me and was less than shy? Annabella ... You tease me all day Please, may I say that we're on tonight In the morning things are working out fine Come the evening you refuse to be mine but you stay and you say (TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: the following line is unclear & may be incorrect) That I hope to find some love But each girl I find will remind me of Annabella ... In the morning you say "Wait til tonight" Come the evening you say "Now just ain't right": No surprise ... But I'm wise I won't take another day or another night or another way Annabella ... REPEAT 6x, WITH FADE STARTING AT 4th REPEAT: Annabella ... (Background Female Vocals: La La La La, La La La La, La La La La Lah)


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