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AN OFFICER OF THE LAW Music: M. K. Jerome - Lyrics: Jack Scholl Dennis Morgan (from "Tear Gas Squad" [1940] ) I'm an officer of the law in Central Park - You'll find me with the nursemaids there, And confidentially I'm the answer to a nursemaid's prayer. As I'm strolling along the park, they all remark That I'm the guy they'd like to meet. I'm quite a devil with the ladies - a nursemaid's treat. It's the same with every pretty miss - They know that I'm allergic to their beauty. When they ask me if I'd like a kiss, An officer must always do his duty. If a lady should need my aid, don't be afraid, You'll always find me standing by. A lady's man who does the best he can - An officer of the law am I. (Transcribed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - April 2011)


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