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ANOTHER PRETTY COUNTRY SONG (David A. Coe - Ronald Clark) David Allan Coe - 1975 I bought this rhinestone suit in California These boots came all the way from Mexico This Cadillac ain't nothin', son, you ought to see the Greyhound I bought to take my band from show to show Seen my face a thousand times on TV And heard me on your local radio And in your eyes I see the admiration there for me But, son, there's something that you ought to know Well, I've got to take a drink to keep from shakin' Motel rooms ain't nothin' like a home Money can't make love grow any stronger When you leave your woman home alone She can't raise the children with no daddy She can't love a man that's always gone It takes a whole lot more than pride To keep your feelin's locked inside While you sing another pretty country song (I've seen your face a thousand times on TV) (I've heard you on my local radio) It's true I took some pills to stay awake, son And this diamond ring I wear is just for show I got a little cabin in the country When I'm not on the road, that's where I go Try and put my feelin's down on paper Right or wrong the show has to go on I can cry deep down inside and keep on smilin' While I sing another pretty country song But I've got to take a drink to keep from shakin', I do (Contributed by Karen Pierce - January 2003 updated by Mel Priddle - November 2013)


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