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ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT IN HEAVEN Dion Joshua sails with Jonah in Noah's Ark Stephen winks and shows his victory sign Joseph sports his many-coloured coat Job, he takes it one day at a time Simon Peter has to check his sword Here in heaven, peace will reign supreme John the Baptist raises mankind's flag Brother Daniel, He recites his dream (Chorus) Another Saturday night In heaven Whenever eight-thirty rolls around The years of talent have assembled As the angels gather all around Another Saturday night in heaven The legends of a lifetime are Common men before our Father He's the only real Superstar The children run to take the front row seats David tunes up his guitar Gabriel stands behind a golden horn Solomon signals for the band to start Mary loves to serve the family there Rachael, she's painting a passing cloud James and John sing a brand new sung Matthew Is smiling to the crowd (Chorus) Moses spins a tale of the good old days Abraham tells Sarah one he's heard Elizabeth prances in a pantomime St. Paul recites the sacred word Jonathan and Samson tip their baseball caps Timothy is dancing on the lawn Thomas tells them all to plan it one more time Elijah snaps his fingers and he's gone (Repeat chorus)


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