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ANSWER TO THE LAUNDROMAT BLUES (Albert King) Albert King - 1972 (Spoken: This number's bein' especially played And dedicated to all of the women From all of the men) You see you women have a good thing goin' But we hip to ya now You take two or three pieces And go down to the laundromat An' take ya eight hours to wash 'em No good! We gonna buy ya washers and dryers And we're gonna put ya at home in the basement And we gonna kick the door down that goes to the basement While we can hear the washer when it stop And baby, baby, baby, when that washer stop You better be though Or you better have a darn good explanation! Don't you go get whupped all on the toenails We're gonna raise your eye lashes and whup ya some And if ya run fast enough We're gonna whup ya on the bottom of the feet Ain't that right men? Speak up for yourself! (yeah, yeah) There will be no more goin' to the laundromat Puttin' your clothes in there And gettin' your girlfriend keep her eye on it While you step out the back door You better take my advise You might need it on your vacation this summer I'd hate to see ya come up with a leg screwed off Or a eye punched out Yeah! Whoa! yeah, yeah! I know you don't know it babe (yeah, yeah, yeah) But things look bad for you Hey, I know you don't know it babe But I'm gonna keep a close eye on you Well, ev'ry time you go to the laundromat, baby I want you to know, I want you to know That I'll be there too! (Contributed by Harry's Blues Lyrics - From "The Best Of Albert King" (Stax 60-005 or Fantasy 60005)


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