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ANY FOOLISH THING (Michael McDonald / Chuck Sabatino) Michael McDonald I'm not used to saying things like that 'cause all my best intentions fall so flat But when it comes down to it My love for you knows no limit, darling I'll say, I'll do (Chorus:) Any foolish thing to call on your affection Any foolish thing to show how much I care Any foolish thing that we say might come about (any foolish thing that we say might just come true) Don't take it lightly, girl 'cause it could just work out (I'd bet it all on you) That this love won't be any foolish thing I know you don't believe in every line you hear Forgive me if I'm sounding too sincere But I can't take chances you might slip away While I wait for the right time And place to say (Chorus) Could turn you away Can lead you astray Or shadow this love I feel Anything I say Might make you see That deep in my heart Your love is safe with me (Chorus)


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