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ANY OLD IRON (old English Music Hall Song) (Collins / Sheppard / Terry) Recorded by: Harry Champion; Chas & Dave; Ted Heath; Stanley Holloway Davy Jones; George Martin; Old Bull & Bush; Peter Sellers. Just a week or two ago my dear old Uncle Bill, He went and kicked the bucket and he left me in his will. So I went around the road to see my Auntie Jane. She said, "your Uncle Bill has left you a watch and chain." So I put it on right across my derby kell. The sun was shining on it and it made me look a swell. I went out, strolling round about. A crowd of kiddies followed me and they began to shout, "Any old iron? Any old iron? Any, any, any old iron? You look neat. Talk about a treat! You look so dapper from your napper to your feet. Dressed in style, brand-new tile, And your father's old green tie on. But I wouldn't give you tuppence for your old watch and chain, Old iron, old iron." I won't forget the day I went to London on the spree. I saw the mayor of London there. That's who I went to see. He came along in a carriage and a pair. I shouted, "come on, boys! All throw your hats up in the air." Just then the mayor, he began to smile, Pointed to my face and said, "Lor Lummy, what a dial!" Started Lord-a-mayoring, and then to my dismay, He pointed to my watch and chain and shouted to me, "Hey, Any old iron? ..." I shan't forget the day I married Miss Elisa Brown. The way the people laughed at me, it made me feel a clown. I arrived in a carriage called a hack, When I suddenly discovered I'd my trousers front to back. So I walked down the aisle, dressed in style, The vicar took a look at me and then began to smile. The organ started playing. The bells began to ring. The people started laughing and the choir began to sing, "Any old iron? ..." Kicked the bucket = died. Derby kell = a portly chest/stomach. A swell = a well off gentleman Dial = Cockney slang for face


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