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ANYTHING OTHER THAN LOVE DEBORAH ALLEN I don't need this now the timing's bad I'm still not over the last one I had My heart's been tellin' me don'tcha think enough is enough I'm thinkin' things that can't be true sayin' things that I don't mean Please let this be anything other than love I'm awake all night tryin' to find some other explanation to ease my mind I even hid the phone'to keep myself from callin' you up The sudden rise of butterflies might be fun to feel later on Right now I need anything other than love If something lays me out let it be the flu Baby I need you'like a hole in the head Like a knock on the door when I'm ready for bed I'm makin' this wish on the stars up above Make it anything baby anything other than love Instrumental My mind runs wild my knees go weak...every time you look at me Please let this be anything other than love (Transcribed by Matt Watkins - March 2011)


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