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AON FOCAL EILE Richie Kavanagh When I was just a lad I used to go to school I'd sit down there in the seat, feeling like a fool The teacher taught us everything, everything we know She had a great big lump of a stick that was bent into a bow CHORUS: She'd go "Aon focal dar, focal two, focal eile, And I not knowing no focal at all She'd go "Aon focal dar, focal two, focal eile And I not knowing no focal at all She taught how to say all our A.B.C. She showed us how to make little men out of plasticine She taught us how to say our prayers, she taught us right from wrong The only thing about it, we didn't go to school too long Chorus She taught us about the history, the Battle of the Boyne And how to play a game with the chestnut and the twine She says "Open up your catechism, learn all that information If you don't get it in your big thick head, you won't get your conformation Chorus Well, the days we spent going to school, were the best years of our life Tho' at the time we thought they were full of trouble and strife Now when I'm home on holiday, I'd pass the old school gate I think of the time I spent in there, them times were surely great Chorus (Contributed by Graham Gibson - July 2002)


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