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A RAILROAD BUM (Written by J.A. Balthrop) Jim Reeves - 1961 I used to be a railroad bum A-livin' on the go I rode freights from Canada Down to Mexico From sunny Cal to Minnesota Where the ripplin' waters fall I never seemed to have a dime But I had myself a ball CHORUS: Singin' hi le hi lo he-li-li-le-li-lo I used to ba a railroad bum But I'm not anymore I walked in the Silver Dollar In Reno one night I dropped a quarter in a one-armed bandit The lemons lined up right Took my winnin's then played poker And I won ten thousand more I used to be railroad bum But I'm not anymore REPEAT CHORUS When cotton's white in Tennessee And shrimp boats sail in Maine Each pickin' time Soon you'll find me Ridin' a Georgia train 'Cause I get restless when I'm still I guess I always will Wanna keep travellin' all my life Over another hill REPEAT CHORUS (2x)


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