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A REALLY GOOD TIME (Brian Ferry) Recorded by : Iva Davies; Ice House; Roxy Music. You´re heard enough Of the blues and stuff You´re pretty swell now ´cause you´re pretty tough But I don´t have to tell you How hard it can be to get by You never bothered About anyone else You´re well educated With no common sense But love - that´s one thing You really need to get by All your troubles Come from yourself Nobody hurts you - they don´t care Just as long as you show them A really good time All the things You used to do A trip to the movies A drink or two They don´t satisfy you They don´t tell you anything new You know I don´t talk much Except to myself ´cause i´ve not much to say And there´s nobody else Who´s ready and willing And able to know me - I guess Listen to me I´m not finished yet There´s something to tell you That I can´t forget Just have a really good time There´s a girl I used to know Her face is her fortune She´s got a heart of gold She never goes out much But boy - when she does Then you know She´s got no money Well, maybe a dime But she knows what she´s worth And that´s reason why She´s gonna make it She´s got what it takes You´ll appreciate that She´s probably late But I know And you know We all know She´ll have a really good time


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