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ARE YOU FER IT? Nat "King" Cole / Lee The Nat "King" Cole Trio rec Oct 22nd 1941 New York Now there's a band that stands the test, North or south or east or west, So much better than the best; They really know what plays, The sound they raise! Are you fer it? We ought to take a turn around the floor! Are you fer it? There goes the rocky rhythm we've been waitin' for! Are you fer it? We've been huggion' the table long enough! Are you fer it? Let's be on the beat, start to strut our stuff! Step down! Let's get in it, Foxin' around Lightwood Square! Step down! Don't be an idi't, You gotta be groovy or you ain't nowhere! Are you fer it? You never heard a jam so super fine! Are you fer it? Well then, join with the crowd and fall in line! (scat) Are you fer it? Are you fer it, King? I'm fer it, boy! I'm gonna knock myself right out! Are you fer it, my friend? I'm fer it, Jack! Come on boys, let's swing and shout! Are you in now? I'm in that mess, A-groovin' and movin' with all the rest! Call a xxxx?, brother! (scat) Get into the rhythm while it's rockin' and a-jumpin' away, man! Boy, it's a killer when you start to really groovin' away, man! A-don't be sad, try it out, It will make you sing and shout! Clap your hands, stomp your feet, And every little thing will be alreet! Hey now! Say now, brother! Oh what's your story? Morning Glory, baby, 'Cause you gotta be groovy or you ain't nowhere! Are you fer it? You won't regret, my friend, just wait and see! Are you fer it? Well then, join with the crowd! Swing with the crowd! A-get into the mood, Let's get groovy! Are you fer it? (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2011)


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