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ARE YOU MAD AT ME ? Album : I Know (Anderson / Vandross) Luther Vandross I was lost until the day I found you And I know you know There's not a thing for you that I wouldn't do But, yesterday was rough on me I was under the weather So my dear, I didn't have much to say And I rushed you off of the phone last night So I called you back to apologize But your line stayed busy through the night, you see And it makes me wonder Are you mad at me? I was right to fall in love this way And one thing's for sure The angels smiled on me When you came my way So my dear, tonight's the night It's gonna be special I can't wait to see the face of my love But even though I tried, sorry I was late And I understand that you couldn't wait But you're pulling back, honey I can see And it makes me worry Are you mad at me? I wish I could be perfect for you Can't you see how hard I try? When you talk to me I can hear the pain When I look in your face I can see the strain And I can hear the cries of the willow tree Something's wrong I know it Are you mad at me? (Ad lib until fade)


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