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ARE YOU MY LOVE? >From the film "Dancing Pirate" (1936 (Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart) Steffi Duna (Film Soundtrack) - 1936 No, no, I'm not so sure if he love's me, what can I do? No, no, that would be too much bliss Yes, yes, I know a way to discover if he'll be true Yes, yes, my little plan won't miss I'll be brave and I'll ask him this..... Are you my love? Then life's begun for me Are you my love? The moon and sun to me Are you my joy? Are you my pain? Are you my everything? Earth and Heaven Are you a dream that's overtaken me? If you're a dream, then don't awaken me My heart must know or you'll decieve Are you my love, my sweet? (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2007) (Contributed by - June 2007)


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